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The Wisdom of Greater China

Our project is dedicated to the history and origin of traditional Chinese idiomatic expressions (called chengyu), or literally “set phrases”, in the modern Chinese language. We have selected the most colourful and meaningful stories, or in other words, parables which served as a foundation for the appearing of chengyu.

Chengyu in the Chinese language – is a set phrase or idiomatic expression, usually consisting of four characters. The majority of chengyu are the short stories from the classic Chinese works written in the old classic Chinese language.

To understand these set idiomatic expressions it is necessary to provide additional semantic explanation. In our application these comments follow each story giving explanation of all semantic meanings of the idiomatic expression as well as the philosophical aspect of the story in question.

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We have specially selected each story for you, so that you will not only be interested in reading it but also you will be completely immersed in the beautiful world of the ancient Chinese culture. You will feel yourself in the very center of the events that take place in each story of our collection. We have reached these aims by using pleasant background music, unique application design and of course owing to the wisdom of every story. When reading the stories you will visit the Emperor’s palace, the warfare field, you will talk with Confucius and will even feel how lived and toiled an ordinary farmer in ancient China.

All the stories have been read and sound recorded by the professional radio announcers both in the Chinese and Russian as well as in the English languages.

We have carefully prepared the illustrations and commentaries for each story. All the work has been done with all one’s heart and the utmost love from the part of each participant of our project. For the China experts we additionally diversified each story with in-depth commentaries about metaphoric, figurative meanings of each chengyu as well as provided examples of idiomatic usage together with the translations of each Chinese character forming a chengyu.

If you liked a story you may share it with your friends and relatives. We have provided several functions which you will definitely like.

Functions and resources:

In settings you may: change the font size, turn in or turn off automatic story playback, turn in or turn off the background story playback after exiting the application, choose criteria for making the story filter.

This application software will be of interest not only to the users who study the Chinese language and language on the professional level but also will be interesting for all those who simply love the philosophy of the East and who is interested in the Chinese culture and history.

It is a wonderful way to enjoy spare time in the atmosphere of wisdom and harmony of the East.

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